Private Drum Lessons and Drum Clinic with Massimo Russo

Private Drum Lessons and Drum Clinic with Massimo Russo at MLC-Academy This March!

Massimo Russo
Massimo Russo

Massimo Russo graduated with honors at the Conservatory “F. Torrefranca” under Mr Vittorino Naso’s guidance. He is now a respected teacher and concert performer (pop, jazz, fusion) both in Italy and internationally.

As well as being a respected teacher and instrumentalist, Massimo continues to work on his own craft. He frequently attends clinics hosted by the best Italian and international drummers and is a strong advocate of education.

Massimo’s talent lies in his natural versatility, his ability to interpret music using a wide variety of sounds on the drum kit and on many percussion instruments. He manages to obtain all this by a remarkable dynamic control, smooth movements and excellent hand technique.

Massimo Russo’s fundamental mission when teaching is to;

“pass on Instinct and Passion for the instrument even before using technique and theory”  by allowing movements and the harmony therein as a basis to create emotion and sound.


Massimo Russo - Odd Feelings
Massimo Russo – Odd Feelings


Massimo will give lessons at MLC Academy in West Bridgford on the afternoon of 1st March. Lessons cost £40 per hour (plus handling fee) and are extremely limited.

Topics that Massimo is more than happy to cover during the lessons include Odd Time Signatures, Latin rhythms and further independence.

Evening Drum Clinic, 7.30pm, 1st March

Open to all ages and abilities, this evening drum clinic will be fun and informative. Don’t delay, buy your ticket today!

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