Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons in Nottingham

We will teach you how to play songs by great artists from The Beatles to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Whether you are a complete beginner or a professional, we can take your playing forward

MLC Bass Guitar Lessons will introduce you to scales, arpeggios, jazz and slap Bass and a wide variety of different styles of music to widen your abilities further. Learn how to read and write in standard notation and tablature, depending on what kind of bassist you want to be. The advancing bassist can expect to learn how to improvise bass lines and also learn composition theory so you could even start to write your own music and songs!

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Bass Lessons

At MLC Academy our tutors can teach you how to play the bass and perform confidently in many different musical styles. We can show you how to read bass tab and how to develop your improvisation technique. Bass lessons can provide you with the music theory knowledge you'll need to create your own compositions and even help you form a band so you can get gigging as soon as possible.

What makes bass lessons at MLC Academy different from anywhere else?

The bass tutors that teach at MLC Academy are active, professional musicians that regularly perform live at venues around the country. Each teacher is proficient in a variety of musical genres and bass guitar techniques. As a team we are able to teach almost any level, from a beginner's introduction right up to an advanced level such as an aspiring professional.

"Any instrument is just a vehicle to express who you are and your relationship to the world, no matter what level you're doing it on, playing music is an opportunity to give something to the world"

- Flea, The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Who are the bass lessons for?

Bass lessons are available for anybody of any level or age. We'll teach you how to develop the strength and technique needed to play your favourite bass lines. We can demonstrate practice habits that will help you develop your playing to a satisfying standard.

The academic, technical and physical skills acquired through the process of learning the bass guitar are transferable to other instruments and walks of life. The bass teachers at MLC always ensure that lessons are fun and rewarding. Students are given the chance to practice jamming and creating grooves and are encouraged to join a band or an orchestra. Playing in a group is a particularly important part of being a bass guitarist and this step can turn an enthusiastic hobbyist into an aspiring professional musician.


Doing it right

MLC offers an accredited syllabus. Our bass guitar lessons focus on playing songs whilst learning the requisite techniques.

Path to Success

MLC Academy bass teachers all perform live in various bands and solo projects. This real life experience of the music industry can help you to plan your own live events and promote your band or project. MLC academy has excellent facilities and equipment. We even have access to an industry standard recording studio! Furthermore, MLC frequently hosts guest lecturers that provide seminars on various topics. Other events include band nights and a Summer school. These give students the chance to jam with other musicians.


MLC Academy offers graded examinations from entry level to grade 8. Higher education diplomas are also available in both music performance and music teaching. The courses carry both QCF credits and UCAS points.

Musical awareness and technique

We'll teach you how to read score, develop rhythmic awareness, scale theory, bass chords and modes. All the MLC bass teachers are able to demonstrate advanced techniques such as slap bass and two part tapping. We'll show you how to adapt to different bass styles such as rock, metal, funk, jazz, blues and pop. We can improve your bass playing, increase your musical enthusiasm and develop your confidence as a live performer.


Meet our team of professional teachers and musicians.