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We can teach you rudiments and technique, how to improvise solos and also introduce composition theory so you could even start to write your own music and songs! Learn how to read and write in standard notation and play along to hundreds of songs, depending on what kind of drummer you want to be.

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Diverse and expert teachers

The drum teachers at MLC Academy all work professionally as musicians, whether as session musicians and band leaders, recording artists, specialist teachers and members of working bands. Whether you want to rock like John Bonham, swing like Buddy Rich, or play first percussion in a theatre show, the teachers here are experienced and equipped at helping you get there. Why not explore the teacher profile section and find a teacher that suits your needs.

The drum teaching team at MLC-Academy are known across the world due to their commitment to teaching furthering the art form of drumming. MLC Academy boasts a strong, active drum department lead by MLC owner and renowned drummer and teacher Paul Hose.

Each drum tutor is an active, working drummer and professional musician, bringing experience and expertise to students, whether they are beginners or aspiring professionals themselves.

Who are the drum lessons for?

Drum lessons are available for anybody of any level or age. We'll teach you how to develop the strength and technique needed to play your favourite songs.

The drum teachers at MLC always ensure that lessons are fun and rewarding. Students are given the chance to practice jamming and creating grooves and are encouraged to join a band or an orchestra. Playing in a group is a particularly important part of being a drummer and this step can turn an enthusiastic hobbyist into an aspiring professional musician.

Events, tickets & masterclasses

MLC boasts a history of world-class events. Claus Hessler, Jojo Mayer, Thomas Lang , John Favvichia, Mike Sorrentino, Massimo Russo, Virgil Donati, Rob Hirons and Stanton Moore have all visited and taught at MLC Nottingham, and new events are being planned all the time. MLC students get unprecedented access to these events, often at a heavily discounted price, allowing them to experience these masters in person, every time they visit.

Furthermore, the students themselves are often at the centre of these events. The MLC Summer School and the Sound Sessions both get the students playing music with a real band, recording in the studio, and performing a live show. This gives aspiring musicians valuable experience, and is also great fun.

Path to Success

The MLC drum department has some great success stories. MLC owner and drum teacher Paul Hose is a Natal endorser and head of their educational programme, with some notable achievements to his name. Paul compiled the 2004-2006 Trinity drum syllabus, published an acclaimed educational book which is on the Berklee reading list, created a podcast with over 1 million downloads, and regularly contributes to Modern Drummer magazine, to name but a few. Likewise, former MLC student and, latterly, teacher, Jack Atherton is now enjoying international success as the drummer for Jake Bugg.


A common goal amongst MLC students is to achieve a certain grade with their drumming lessons. We offer expert tuition across the three main percussion exam boards: Trinity College, Trinity Rock and Pop, and Rockschool. Each one offers the student a variety of fun and challenging material to work through, and each are sure to provide a focused and progressive direction of study.

Graded qualifications are nationally recognised qualifications, earning the students valuable UCAS points and opening the door to further areas of study. Trained students will find themselves able to tackle many diverse and interesting drumming styles and patterns, work in common and odd time signatures, read music and rhythm, follow classical musical terms and arrangements, and even experience many musical situations, from jazz trios to theatre orchestras.

Musical awareness and technique

We'll teach you how to read music notation and drum charts, develop rhythmic and aural awareness, groove, fills, solo composition and more.

All the MLC drum teachers are able to demonstrate advanced techniques. We'll show you how to adapt to different musical styles such as rock, metal, funk, jazz, blues and pop. We can improve your drumming, increase your musicality and develop your confidence as a live performer.

We want to offer you the highest quality of drum lessons, contact us today to find out more or visit our music school.


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