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We can teach you guitar chords and scales, how to improvise solo's and also introduce composition theory so you could even start to write your own music and songs! Learn how to read and write in standard notation and guitar tablature, depending on what kind of guitarist you want to be.

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Who we Teach

Whether you are a complete beginner looking to learn the basics of guitar or an advanced player seeking to push the boundaries of the instrument, students of all ages and abilities are welcome at MLC!

We aim to use our knowledge to guide our students on their own musical journeys no matter what their desired genre may be; there is no stylistic prejudice here at MLC and we teach a wide variety of guitar styles.

What we teach

Whether you want to learn to play your favourite songs, to improvise solos or to write your own music, our dedicated team of guitar tutors are trained to teach it all. You can learn how to play chords and arpeggios, scales and modes, even how to read and write standard notation and guitar tablature. We will help you develop all the theoretical building blocks required to become the kind of player you want to be. No matter what your goal is, with our guidance you could become an accomplished performer, improviser and composer armed with all the necessary skills required to be a professional guitar player and musician.

The Team

All of our guitar tutors are professional musicians with a wide range of real life experience in the industry. Such as live performance, event management, session work, live sound and studio engineering. With this experience we can offer informed advice, such as performance tips like how to handle the pre-gig jitters or how to organise and promote your own music and live events. All of our tutors are well-versed in a wide variety of musical genres and perform to a professional standard.  So whether your aspirations are to play a few simple chords or to aim for the virtuosic heights of players like Joe Satriani our team can facilitate.


The Sites

MLC Academy boasts a number of well-equipped practise rooms for guitar tuition each equipped with spare guitars, modern amplifiers, desktop computers with music software such as Guitar Pro 6 and speaker systems so you can learn to play along with your favourite tracks!

MLC also hosts band nights and a summer school which gives students the chance to interact with each other musically. We also give these bands the opportunity to perform live at an MLC night hosted by local venues. Furthermore, MLC has access to an industry standard recording studio providing valuable practical experience.

Grades and Qualifications

We encourage our students to undertake graded guitar exams in which they will receive a qualification that is nationally recognised, earning the student UCAS points which will aid them in furthering their professional education. The two main examining bodies that we work with are Rockschool and Trinity Rock and Pop, all of our tutors are familiar with the grading criteria and can teach from Initial all the way up to Grade 8. Following the grades will help students develop their confidence and ability with song learning, performance skills, technical ability, music theory and improvisation.

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  • Steve McCabe
  • Colin Bickerstaffe
  • Dan Dodson
  • Jon Ford
  • Marty Fisher