Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons in Nottingham

Whatever your age or ability, our team of expert piano tutors will tailor your piano lessons to suit your needs.

At MLC Academy, we can help you further your piano playing skills to include a variety of musical genres, or just help you learn to play your favourite songs! Whether you're a complete beginner or want to keep improving your piano playing our tailored lessons will be designed specifically to help you become the best you can be.

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Piano Lessons

At MLC Academy we can teach you how to read written music and perform many of the different piano styles. We can help you to develop improvisation technique and also provide you with the necessary music theory knowledge to create your own compositions.

What makes piano lessons at MLC Academy different from anywhere else?

The tutors that comprise MLC Academy's piano department are active, working performers and professional musicians in their own right. Each teacher is proficient in a variety of musical genres and as a team, we are able to teach almost any level, from a beginner's introduction right up to an advanced level playing such as an aspiring professional.

"The piano is a truly rewarding and enjoyable instrument to play. It is very helpful for songwriting because music theory makes a lot of sense on a piano keyboard. There are many approaches to playing. You can play arrhythmically and produce an emotive sound or you can think more like a drummer and play to make your audience dance! Another thing worth considering is that it is quite easy to get a piano to sound nice, so you can get on with playing music straight away."

- Mike Borlace

Who are piano lessons for?

Piano lessons are available for anybody of any level. We'll teach you the coordination skills required to play different patterns with both hands and practice habits that will help you develop your playing to a satisfying standard. The academic, technical and physical skills acquired through the process of learning piano are transferable to other walks of life. Teachers at MLC ensure that our piano and keyboard lessons are fun and rewarding. Students are encouraged to join a band or an orchestra. This is the step that turns an enthusiastic hobbyist into an aspiring professional.

Path to Success

The MLC piano teachers all perform live in various bands and solo projects. This real life experience of the music industry can help you to plan your own live events and promote your band or project. MLC academy has excellent facilities and equipment. We even have access to an industry standard recording studio! Furthermore, MLC frequently hosts guest lecturers that provide seminars on various topics. Other events include band nights and a Summer school. These give students the chance to jam with other musicians.

Doing it right

MLC offers a range of grading syllabi which the student can choose to follow. The Rockschool program focusses on playing fun songs while earning a recognized qualification. The Trinity Guildhall syllabus focusses on technique, theory and musicality. The ABRSM grades provide a classical training method or a jazz piano syllabus. Whichever program the student uses, they will be getting the best possible education that is suited to their needs.

Musical awareness and technique

We'll teach you how to read score, develop rhythmic awareness, scale theory, chords and modes. We'll show you how to adapt to different piano styles such as rock, classical, boogie, jazz, blues and pop. We can improve your playing, increase your musical enthusiasm and develop your confidence as a performer.


MLC Academy offers a series of graded examinations, performance diplomas and vocation qualifications available from entry level to level 4. The courses carry both QCF credits and UCAS points. MLC Academy in Nottingham offers ABRSM, Trinity College Guildhall and Rockschool examination boards.


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