MLC Academy Arts Award Bronze


Key Information

  • 30 hours of guided learning
  • Work in a group
  • Actively participate in any art form

Entry requirements

  • MLC Academy Bronze Arts Award is open to young people aged from 11 to 25

About the course

MLC Academy Bronze Arts Award is a Level 1 qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and is open to young people aged from 11 to 25. To achieve this award, young people collect evidence in an individual arts log or portfolio of their experiences of:

  • Actively participating in any art form
  • At least one arts event as an audience member
  • Researching the career and work of an artist craftsperson that inspires them
  • Passing on an arts skill

Tailored towards musicians of all levels, MLC Academy Bronze Arts Award course is designed to allow young people to further explore their favourite art forms.

What you will learn

Working as a group and individually, participants will take part and learn how to develop skills in their chosen art form. They will also be given the chance to try art forms they may have never tried before.

Experiencing the arts is just as important as taking part. Students will be encouraged to witness numerous art forms as an audience member then asked to reflect on their experiences and share this with the group.

There are millions of people currently involved in arts around the world, and even more names from the past. You will be given the chance to research artists who inspire them and learn more about the history of the individual, and subsequently, the art form as a wider subject.

Arts are subjective, and a chance for people to express themselves. Our young people will become arts leaders by sharing their chosen skill through a planned activity be it through a one to one lesson, a small group workshop, or a video to the world.

The course as plans to provide young people with a solid foundation and a stepping stone into the world of the arts. It is important that we give young people the chance to grow as artists, and we as passionate arts leaders, tutors & practising professionals are keen to share our love for the arts.

Having already taken part in the course, young people have thoroughly enjoyed playing in bands, and learning about new music and artists. They have also learnt new social skills and improved their own ability to work individually or as part of a group. These young people have often also shown a large boost in confidence whilst achieving an official qualification.

Next course

Our next MLC Academy Bronze Arts Award course starts on Saturday 27th April 2019!

MLC Academy Bronze Arts Award costs £300.00 per person
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