Your Questions answered

Do I need books?

Your teacher will advise you on the book your child needs. It should be available at Please click for collection and add a comment if you would like your teacher to bring it to the next lesson.

Do I need an instrument before lessons commence?

No. We recommend that you invest in lessons prior to investing in an instrument. Once you know you are settled please contact us for advice.

Are trial lessons available before I commit to a term?

A 10 minute taster session can be organised if the teacher has space in their timetable. This is best organised before the start of a term i.e the previous term.

Where do I pay for lessons?

You can pay for your lessons here.

Who do I contact to inform that a lesson will be missed?

School trips and other activities that will result in the lesson being missed should be made known at the beginning of term. Lessons will still need to be paid if a child is absent on the day due to illness or for any other reason.